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Creating websites is something I've been doing for nearly 5 years now. I stumbled into it when I decided to put one together for my dogs. I was quickly frustrated by the limitations of the template-based system that the freebie site had in place. A book on html was recommended to me, and I started reading. Although my background is artistic (no computer classes ever), I found it fascinating, and kept learning (I've found there's more to a well-done website than just the html). I redid my own site, and went on to work on others.

Why would you want to hire me?

Because I do a good job! I have several goals in mind when I work on a website. It should be:

  • Standards Compliant Meaning that it works now, and will continue to work in the future. It isn't full of "flashy" stuff that works on some browsers, but not others. It is impossible for a site to look the same on all computer/operating system/browser/monitor combinations (that's just a fact of the web), but a site should look acceptable in most (even the older browsers). There's no reason to deliberately exclude chunks of the internet population (such as people who prefer Macs, use AOL, have slow connections, or don't want to download the "newest and greatest" plug-in or browser).
  • Works on Any Browser It will look good on most browsers, and OK on the rest - no "best viewed on so-and-so browser at thus-and-such resolution." Has anyone ever said "Oops, I guess I'd better change my browser and/or screen resolution before I look at this site"? No, pretty much everyone either tries to look at the site with their current browser and settings, or hits that "back" button quicker than you can say "bad design."
  • Thoughtful Design I attempt to make sites easy to navigate, and to give them room to grow. I also want them to look good, and to load as quickly as possible.
  • Hand-Coded I don't use a WYSIWYG editor. I am proficient in HTML, and have experience with CSS. I'm learning PHP and MySQL, and am quite excited about what can be accomplished with it. I'm also able to work with CGI and JavaScript (although Javascript tends to have cross platform problems, so I prefer to find another way to do the same thing if possible). I enjoy learning new things, and finding creative ways to get the effects I want in a website.
  • Coded Correctly and will validate as correctly written xhtml. Most browsers attempt to show a webpage, even if the code behind it is poorly written. Some will be more successful than others, and some may not be able to show the page at all. There is also some code that only works in particular browsers, which obviously can cause problems as well. If you want your website to work for the greatest number of people, correctly written code is huge step in that direction.
  • "Look Good" I have an art background (studied art in college, and have been involved in creative work all my life). I believe a site should not only work well, but it should be pleasing to the eye at the same time. Every site I design is unique, so your site will not look like anyone else's.

My Portfolio

  • My Aussies - This site! My first, and where I "try new ideas first"
  • Gwydion's Eyes (blog) - This is still a work in progress and probably shouldn't be included just yet. The layout is still based on the template that the blog came with, but my intention is to make it more personal and flexible.
  • The White Aussies Project - An educational site - I designed the website, and the content was created by a small group of fellow Australian Shepherd enthusiasts.
  • deaf dogs atlas - the original, with a new layout
  • D2Care - brand new deaf dog organization
  • Best Friend's Dog Training - Dog Trainer in Michigan
  • More to come!

I'd love to help your website become as great as it can be! Contact me at and let's get started.

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